Pure Profit Carwash Consulting was birthed from the training systems used by the Splash Car Wash chain in Connecticut and New York. Splash has developed and improved operational and training systems over their 30 years in the carwash business that PPC now employs to help other operators improve their results.

Samuel Elledge and his team of trainers have been instrumental in making measurable improvements in the bottom line profitability of the carwashes utilizing PPC's services.

The training team was completely professional from start to finish. They helped me install systems that will continue to pay dividends. Revenues increased 40% per car out of the gate and in this economy, that's a difference maker."

-- David Lagani, Boulevard Auto Spa

"The team handled every aspect of my entry into the carwash industry, helping hire and train my crew and managers. They now consistently deliver above-expected revenue and profit numbers"

-- Mike Christie, Carwash Owner

"Splash saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars evaluating a site for me. I'm glad I contacted Splash before I signed the contract.

-- Charles Bronstein, Spanky's Car Wash

"PPCC came in and gave me concrete recommendations in the first hour of being on my property that more then paid their fee. The rest of the assessment day was gravy!"

-- John Massengill, Sudzie Car Wash

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Sales Training

Sales Training

Proven sustainable techniques guaranteed to increase dollars per car and bottom line profits.

“Good Sales People are Trained, Not Born.”

We will provide:

  • Classroom instruction and on-site training
  • Proven and sustainable sales techniques
  • On-line coaching
  • Training for skills assessment, effective instruction and proper motivation
  • Three month follow-up and support

Improving Labor

Improving Labor

An operation increases its chance for success when employees are hired wisely and managed effectively.

“Labor is the Life Blood of Your Organization.”

Learn how to:

  • Intelligently hire using Splash's proven techniques
  • Keep control of a car wash's biggest expense
  • Schedule efficiently without affecting quality
  • Increase profits by doing more with less
  • Create a productive culture
  • Hire, train and retain quaility car wash employees

Production Training

Production Training

Customer experience improves and employee retenton increases when employees are given a clear understanding of purpose, the tools required and fully understood procedures.

“Create a Culture of Clarity and Consistency So You Can Do More With Less.”

Learn how to:

  • Teach and motivate employees
  • Hold employees accountable without losing them
  • On-line coach to achieve optimum performance
  • Manage production without increasing expense
  • Redistribute personnel as needed and maximize production per employee

Site Assessment

Site Assessment

Effective review of the major components of your operation providing you with specific advice to improve profitability based on 30 years in the carwash business

“Unlock the hidden potential of your car wash site.”

Learn how to:

  • Get an experienced and objective review of your site's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • Gain practical suggestions to start improving your business immediately
  • Identify issues and establish action plans for immediate remedy and improvement